054 // Oval Future Face – That’s Real

Manuel Costela is the man behind the Oval Future Face alias. For his debut on Espacio CIELO, he put together some of his cosmic & disco-ish influences in this great EP!

The still young Spanish label Espacio Cielo has been slowly becoming one of the “Labels to Watch” in the Nu Disco/Indie Dance scene. Curated by the prolific DJ/producer Parissior, its releases have featured so far an acclaimed artist (K-Effect), a promising 16-year-old talent (U-Msk) and the big boss himself (Parissior). Focusing on genres influenced by cosmic and space vibes, the imprint has been delivering top-notch material, and their forthcoming EP would not be an exception.

This time, Cielo brings Spanish producer Manuel Costela, a very well-known artist in the world of Deep House because of his well-crafted productions. He is also known as Oval Future Face, an alias through which he explores the deepest side of electronic music, combined with disco and electro influences. “That’s Real” is a groovy and creamy tune, in which you can clearly notice some of these influences. Costela skillfully amassed Disco and Funk elements, creating an upbeat concoction. The rhythmic bassline and the lively guitar riffs are the highlights of this beauty.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

Follow Manuel Costela aka Oval Future Face & Espacio Cielo, peeps!

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