053 // Vicky Montefusco – Sin Palabras

Smashing tune by Vicky Montefusco from his forthcoming 8-track album on the almighty Dogs & Vultures Records. It's a B-O-M-B!

The next release of the vital Spanish label Dogs & Vultures Records features Italian producer Vicky Montefusco, whose previous releases in Dusk & Waves and Nein Records drew a lot of attention amid the Nu Disco/Indie Dance scene. This time, he signs ”Freezer”, a Coldwave/Leftfield 8-track album format masterpiece. No remixes here, peeps, only originals (!), which gives us the opportunity of visiting the prolific and versatile side of the Neapolitan artist.

We have to admit that the high quality of the tracks brought some distress, it was hard to pick only one, but after some deliberation and a couple of beers, we eventually succeed: The chosen one, “Sin Palabras” (equivalent to “speechless”, in English), with its 120 BPM, is a homage to the dance floor! Energetic as hell, its powerful beats/snares combo, topped with harmonic arpeggio layers and obscure synth riffs, will promptly trigger in your body that crazy and silly desire to move randomly – and at the same time rhythmically. From its very beginning, “Sin Palabras” will remind you it is time to dance!

Special credits to Rich Lane (Cotton Bud) for the mastering and Kendo Design (Toledo, Spain) for the artwork.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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