067 // Amarcord – Discoteca Nella Nebbia

Amarcord's debut EP on the vital Roam Recordings by Jason Peters is a must-have!

Italian rising star Amarcord (SXDNS109) makes his debut on California-based ROAM with an Indie-Disco-Rock-infused EP, whose title – “A New Day Is Coming” – seems to state an optimistic forecast of our near future. After releasing on vital labels such as Correspondant, Ombra International, Watergate, Emerald & Doreen and Aeon, Amarcord brings three new originals including a collaboration featuring ROAM alumnus Mufti on the vocals of “The Time Is Running”. The EP also comes with a remix from label boss Jason Peters of the title track.

The tune we chose to premiere, “Discoteca Nella Nebbia”, despite its relatively slow downtempo (110 BPM), is so energetic that your body will feel the urge to speed up the dance moves to catch on to the intensity of the track. Powerful guitar riffs, upbeat drum fills and vibrant synth layers were creatively and seamlessly brought together by Amarcord in order to give birth to a unique and essential piece.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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