072 // Via Tirana – EYES

Amazing track from the next Via Tirana's release on Olimpiada Records.

The seventh release of the Brighton (UK) and Tirana (AL)-based label Olimpiada Records brings an 8-track album by the also Brighton-based electronic Indie Dance band Via Tirana. “Dave The Machine”, in its entirety, is an ode to the retro and synthwave influences to the Indie culture, featuring melodic and energetic tunes that vary from 70 to 125 BPM. Written and produced by Via Tirana and Jim Corbin, the release counted with the collaboration of Freudenthal (SXDNS063), for the title track, and Uj Pa Gaz (SXDNS113), for “Spartacus (Edit)”. We cannot fail to mention the valuable contributions of Alex Painter and Johnny Giles: The former played the saxophone and the latter provided an 8-second cameo on vocals of “Ice Cream”.

“EYES”, the song we chose to premiere, with its caps-locked title, is the fastest tune of the album and, in our opinion, the most dance floor devoted one. Its punchy and compelling bassline combined with the elated synth and trippy pad layers provides a perfect and cosy atmosphere to accommodate the catchy and pleasurable lyrics.

We may have a hit here, peeps!

Special credits to Rich Lane (Cotton Bud) for the mastering and Tom Willett for the artwork.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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