073 // Vanity Project – City Elastic (REES Dark Disco Remix)

REES brought a superb remix for the next release of Vanity Project on London-based new label Midnight People.

Claptrap label boss Vanity Project’s next release consists of a four-track EP entitled “City Elastic” for London-based Midnight People’s first release due this May. Two stunning made-with-love originals paired with two enticing remixes provided by REES (Me Me Me, Paradiso Records) and Swales (Rhythm Department, Houseum), who delivered interesting interpretations to enrich even more this promising release.

While the title track is filled with hypnotic chords, bearing with it an upbeat driving energy, the remix by REES, the one we were kindly requested to premiere, brings a Dark Disco touch to the “City”. The British DJ, producer and label owner spared no efforts to hand over a delightful version, topping energetic broken beats with well-crafted synth layers, a throbbing bassline and some dazzling atmospheric FXs that seem to have been taken from retro space video games. A solid remix for a solid original.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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