075 // Jocan Dekä – I Wanna Be (Name In Lights Remix)

Super cool premiere for France-based Jocan Deka's next release on Mexico-based Tráfico featuring a solid remix by Sweden-based Name in Lights. What a wonderful time for international collaborations, isn't it?

The respected Mexican label TRAFICO MUSIC released Nantes-based producer Jocan Dekä’s “Electrify EP” at the beginning of April this year. After being very well received, one of the tracks of the EP has now its return in the form of remixes: “I Wanna Be” received fancy new clothes by Name In Lights and Workstrom.

The remix we picked to review was tailored with love by Name In Lights, a Stockholm-based DJ trio consisting of Lill David, Emir Fönk & Dr Ill. Together, they manage to create an amazing, fresh disco sound packed with influences from their respective musical backgrounds. Their “I Wanna Be” is a 122-BPM House-ish beauty. Percussive cowbells, delicate arpeggiated synth layers and a delicious fat bassline are the highlights of a tune devoted to making you dance in high style.

Special credits to K-Effect (Toledo, Spain) for the mastering.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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