074 // Jokios Kultūros – Raw Streets

Today's premiere brings the second release of Lithuanian artist Jokios Kultūros on Vilnius-based label Electric Shapes. Old school hip-hop vibes here!

If you translate Jokios Kultūros into English, you will get the abstract term “uncultured”. Dovydas Platakis is a DJ and producer representing the underground layers of Tauragė – a small city in the West of Lithuania. To honour his pseudonym, he delivers his vision of music in a chaotic, uncultured way, mixing different genres and styles. Old school hip-hop lover, he started to produce a long time ago, mostly sending his demos and promos only to his friends and now – to the delight of music lovers all over the world – finally going into deeper waters.

“Streets EP” is JK’s second release on the still-young Vilnius-based label Electric Shapes and also a continuation of his previous “Ghetto Deal”. Like its predecessor, it continues to hook us up with ghetto/hood material, a touch of old school hip hop, breakbeat rhythms and classic sounds. The track we chose to premiere, “Raw Streets”, depicts a harsh criticism against the harassment people suffer from stupid and imbecile cops (we f*cking hate these scumbags) due to their skin colour and/or foreign origin.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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