080 // Stockholm Syndrome – Confined The Mind (Original Mix)

After reaching this week the landmark of 200 mixtapes, we present you our 80th premiere: Stockholm Syndrome contributed with a super track to the 2nd edition of "Techno But Not Techno" compilation of Nein Records.

The second volume of Nein’s “Techno But Not Techno” compilation brings “only” sixteen tracks – all new and unreleased gems. Combined, they constitute an essential music journey into the dark eve, the time in which all the creatures of the night get together to celebrate their passion for the obscurity. Featuring a dream team of collaborators, such as label boss Tronik Youth (SXDNS050) plus Kincaid, Back From The Wave, Man2.0 (SXDNS081), From Beyond, Stockholm Syndrome (SXDNS165), Parissior, and Disco Morato (SXDNS147), just to name a few, the release has been extremely well received amid the Dark Disco/Indie Dance community.

Stockholm Syndrome’s contribution showcases the downtempo side of the Melbourne-based duo. “Confined The Mind” establishes its story depicting decaying synth riffs, menacing speech fragments and a funky bassline. Yes, it is Techno but not Techno, but it is also Disco but not Disco. The groove is intense, and it is that kind of tune that enriches any release.

Special credits to K-Effect (Toledo, Spain) for the mastering.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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