083 // Sex Kino – Don’t Look Back (Back From The Wave Remix)

Super premiere of a bombastic release by Sex Kino on HEARec! What a superb, stunning, dazzling remix by Back from the wave!

The Berlin/La Paz/Paris-based label Happily Ever After Recordings – or HEARec, for short – debuts on the premiere section of our platform with a bombastic release by Sex Kino. Established in Stockholm, the duo is formed by English producer James Brook (ex-Pardon Moi) and Swedish artist Josefine Larsson. Fusing Rock, Disco, and Folk, they have been producing high-quality material, being extremely welcomed at the Dark Disco/Indie Dance scene. The EP “Who Do You Love”, released on Roam Recordings and remixed by Theus Mago (SXDNS056), Moisees (SXDNS112) and Alejandro Molinari (SXDNS160), and the single “We Have Ways Of Making You Dance”, their opener on HEARec, are here to prove us right.

From “Scream In The City”, their forthcoming release, we handpicked the beautiful and enchanting remix of “Don’t Look Back” made with love by French producer Fred Rodrigues-Carreira aka Back From The Wave. If the original is a frenzied heavily Indie Rock-influenced with more than 150 BPM, Fred’s interpretation is a sweet and mesmerizing 110-BPM synthwave-ish theme. The powerful Moog bassline topped with dazzling melodic synth and lead layers turn BFTW remix undoubtedly one of the highlights of the EP.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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