084 // The Juan MacLean – Are We Still Dreaming (Beats In Space)

The Juan MacLean takes us to the dreamland with his beautiful contribution for the next Motordiscs V/A release.

Another first-timer on our premiere section. The still young but already acclaimed French label Motordiscs, curated by august Paris-based artist Daniel Weil (SXDNS037), delivers its third EP. Another compilation featuring (again) an impressive gathering of superb artists. If Kasper Bjørke, Curses, Khidja, Zombies in Miami, Sascha Funke, Modular Project (SXDNS136), Massimiliano Pagliara and Concret & Cantor were brought together in its first two releases, this time The Juan MacLean, Javi Redondo (SXDNS/RASTROLIVE002), Naduve and Fairmont were the ones invited to the party.

The track we chose to review, a slow and delightful downtempo beauty by The Juan Maclean, sparked a few questions amidst the label staff: Is it slow trance or some kind of house? Are we early in the night or late at the after-party? Are we still dreaming? Such questioning is quite normal to be raised when it comes to analyzing the work of Mr. MacLean, an artist that respects no boundaries in his creative process.

In our opinion, yes, we are still dreaming (answering the last question and the title of the premiered track). And we are having a serene dream, induced by the rich percussive elements, the mellow guitar riffs, and the groovy acid mood of this alluring piece that enchant us like a lullaby and make us keep our eyes closed and ignore the chaos out there.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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