085 // Andreas Rund – Vicious Circle (ID_UA Remix)

The first premiere of the week brings Andreas Rund remixed by ID_UA on Espacio CIELO: BOOOOOM!

With solid releases on Beat Is Murder, Nein, Musique Exotique, and ESTHÉTIQUE, Czech DJ and producer Andreas Rund has established himself as an “artist to watch” in the new Dark Disco/Indie Dance scene. After his collaboration on a previous release of Azaria on the very same Espacio Cielo, he is back on the Spanish label and good music powerhouse – excellently curated by Parissior – with “Due Absence”, an EP that follows the dark line of his previous works and is brilliantly and insightfully remixed by Daniel Monaco (SXDNS137/FREEDL006) and ID_UA.

In the inspiring remix we chose to premiere, Kyiv-based artist Igor Dyeyev aka ID_UA decided to bring together some of his voodoo and tribal influences and combine them with melodic arpeggiated synth layers and a vast variety of percussive elements. The affluence of witchcraft, instruments (even didgeridoo-like riffs), and effects delivers a powerful theme and showcases the great talent of this creative Ukrainian producer.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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