095 // Durango 95 – Outer Space (Original Mix)

Mexican artist Durango 95 cooked something very special to this gripping release by Boyanza records.

Boyanza Records is a Mexico City/Miami-based label and party promoter. Their previous releases, featuring not only local but also international artists, encompass an interesting range of music genres. Proper Deep House, Techno, Leftfield and Nu Cosmic Disco are on the list. Their next EP brings Durango 95 & Wolffer, two Mexican DJs and producers that have established themselves as important talents in the dance scene in their country, sharing the stage with big names like Soul Clap, Yokoo, Thomas Von Party, and others.

“Jungle Vibes” features two tracks with a perfect balance between cosmic, retro-house and jungle music. The track we chose to premiere, “Outer Space” by Durango 95, showcases to the world the talent of this insightful artist. Combining elements from this and other planets, he managed to combine seamlessly a contagious upbeat percussion and trippy ethereal FXs in order to create a theme devoted to breaking the pattern of the same old same old that sometimes reigns in the electronic music scene.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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