097 // Famou$ After Dead – Do You Fuck To Get High

We have a different premiere today: Secret label, secret artists, secret release... Got curious?

White Privilege is a new label with an interesting approach when it comes to their releases: Hidden behind aliases, the real identity of the artists will remain unknown, creating a secret atmosphere and making us wonder who could be behind the curtains. The curator’s identity of the top-secret imprint shall remain in secrecy as well. What we were authorized to say is that WP is a Mexican label and, for this specific single, two Mexican producers teamed up to provide something unique, freestyle, and unforgettable.

Their second release, “Do U Fuck To Get High?”, was cooked with love by the duo Famou$ After Dead, formed by “DJ Apple II”, a prolific and skilled Deep House/House Music producer, and “DJ Disco Dust”, a troubled artist who had to disappear from the scene because of personal issues. Their single is a psychedelic magic discotheque bomb, bringing together the glitter from Studio 54 and the roughness of Techno, inspired by the legendary Mexican Hi-NRG club “Patrick Miller” and galvanized with samples from a special bootleg edition vinyl record by Sylvester.

Not available for purchase anymore! :~)

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