107 // Gregorio Soave – VCF Mod Shape

This track by Gregorio Soave, taken from his forthcoming release on The Nashville House Syndicate, will definitely put a big smile on your face.

Established by Daniel Fornica and Enrique, The Nashville House Syndicate came along to bring and define a sound with the uniqueness of the Music City, gathering their artists’ different backgrounds, tastes and the love of what they do in order to compile stories into Magnus Rhythmī Concentus (The Great Concert of Rhythm), the philosophy of NHS. Crafted in the middle of pandemic times and world chaos, the forthcoming EP of the American imprint features Gregorio Soave and 4NiQ who deliver an interesting split compilation of tracks that translate into isolation, meditation, and hope for social awakening. From complex patterns of Soave’s modular setup to the emotional and rumbling mind of 4NiQ straight raw techno and minimalistic sounds, the release depicts the pursued sonority of the label.

Gregorio Soave, the mastermind behind the track we chose to premiere, is a producer, DJ and live performer whose sound lends itself to the London scene. Devilishly eclectic, the Italian often veers toward oddball spheres, all the while maintaining a deep love and affection for all genres. His “VCF Mod Shape”, an atmospheric breakbeat beauty, presents Gregorio using some of his many influences and showcases his impressive production skills. While reviewing the theme, we had the sensation of being in a proper warmup session at Robert Johnson, the legendary Offenbach-based club that lies close to our headquarters.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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