108 // Kamila Govorcin – 55

Kamila Govorcin's contribution to the forthcoming compilation of the Brazilian label In Their Feelings is a bomb!

Based in São Paulo, the young but prolific Brazilian label In Their Feelings, managed by local heroes Davis and Zopelar, spares no effort when it comes to supporting young Latin talents. Featuring a collection of twenty tracks signed by a group of the continent’s most promising talents, bands, producers, and experiments, the imprint releases its new compilation, “Escape From São Paulo Vol. II”, with works from Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Mexico, and Chile. The compilation presents artists that not only helped to make visible the work of producers in the region but also transformed the local club music with their individuality and identity.

Besides the musical selection curated by Brazilian artist and one of the collective’s founders, Davis, the names gathered in this year’s edition of “Escape From São Paulo” include a crew of rising female music producers, such as Brazilians KENYA20Hz, Diaz, Amanda Mussi, ACAPTCHA, and Frontinn, Paraguayan Victoria Mussi, and Chilean Kamila Govorcin. Also, tracks from Brazilian co-founder Zopelar and non-binary São Paulo-based artist White Prata.

We were kindly asked to premiere Kamila Govorcin’s beautiful contribution to the compilation. The legendary Chilean DJ decided to bring a mysterious and macabre breakbeat theme to the party. A track that transported us into our early rave days in the middle of the forest in the North of Brazil, more precisely in Belém, our hometown. But don’t be fooled: The menacing atmosphere of “55” does not steal its groove, and its intended mission of triggering only good feelings is successfully accomplished.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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