110 // Favio Inker – Perdido (Aurum Miles Remix)

We say goodbye to August with a great remix by Aurum Miles for Favio Inker's forthcoming release on the promising Logia Records.

We have the pleasure of premiering a track from “Recluído”, Logia Records second EP. Featuring this time Favio Inker, a skilled and promising DJ/producer from Buenos Aires, the Argentinian label delivers three strong originals with dark basslines and strong melodies and five vital remixes (three for “El Disparo” and two for “Perdido”) provided by Disco Mortale (a.k.a. Dani Monaco), Aurum Miles, Velax, Umvral and Future Hero.

The remix we chose to review was made with love by Aurum Miles, a producer, songwriter, DJ and co-founder of Quixotical Records, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Born in the late ’80s with a Queen’s “A Kind of Magic” vinyl in his hands, he was inspired during his whole childhood by classic rock and shoegazing Brit music. Later, he discovered the world of electronic sounds by touching a JUNO-6 for the first time, which made a substantial effect on his future life. After many years of practising and playing the guitar, keyboards, drums, and everything that makes sounds, Aurum finally started producing some kind of weird electronic music, combining rock, psychedelic and electronic elements. Never settling to one style, always experimenting with compositions of different genres, his sonority varies from pink to dark, from vanilla to chocolate, or… whatever.

For his interpretation of “Perdido”, he decided to bring his psychedelic rock influences and combine them with… bleepy video-game-like FXs. A curious and unlikely combination that resulted in a stompy and upbeat interpretation, proving that you never know what to expect from Aurum Miles.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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