109 // Emilio Van Rijsel – Warme Wafels (Original Mix)

For the Italo Disco lovers out there, do not fail to get this delicious release by Emilio van Rijsel on Paradiso Records. It's yummy!

Belgium via France, Emilio van Rijsel delivers four atmospheric Italo Disco gems with a hot analog remix from Claptrap boss Vanity Project for his forthcoming release on the British label XXX, managed by REES. Resident DJ at Welcome To My Flat, Emilio has always been keen on electronic music since he was a little kid thanks to his dad’s collection of New Wave and 80’s Electronica, besides being fascinated by Soul and Funk Music on his mother’s side. It was only a matter of time until Emilio grew fond of House Music.

As he joined the Welcome To My Flat Collective in 2013 to help out in its development, he started playing and mixing at smaller events and parties. Through the years, as he improved and the collective grew, he has played in several venues such as Magazine Club, Gare Saint Sauveur, B-Floor, Aeronef, Les Halles de la Filature etc. and was booked to play in some major events such as N.A.M.E Festival, Les Nuits de la Filature, Soundlux, Lille3000, and Run Deep Festival. Now he makes his debut as a producer with inspirations from all the genres House Music has to offer.

The track we chose to premiere, “Warme Wafels”, brings Italo Disco at its best. The characteristic elements of the beloved genre – the throbbing bassline, the arpeggiated synth layers, the upbeat percussion – are there. The only thing missing is the cheese: No catchy pop lyrics to make us sing along like if there was no tomorrow was added. But maybe it is for the best: Emilio’s hot waffles would not pair well with the dairy delicacy, in our humble opinion.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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