112 // Shit – AAAA

After appearing on "He We Vol​.​2", SHIT is back to the solid Mexican label Richmerch, but this time flying solo and delivering four unmissable bangers.

Based in Mexico, the solid and conspicuous label Richmerch does not get tired of releasing awesome and essential music. Its forthcoming EP, featuring Argentinian producer Nicolas Lattansio aka SHIT, delivers four stunning originals and showcases the versatility and talent of the hermano, who was previously seen on Controlla, Bottom Forty and… Richmerch itself along with Persona, Guerra, Tyu and Gameboyz (SXDNS061).

The message “Die Sleeping EP” intends to transmit is aimed at those who miss going to raves, dancing with strangers somewhere at 6 am and having proper fun for days. The raves are becoming more underground again, being held in secret locations only for friends, some of them are a little bit more massive at outdoor locations. Why? People are getting crazy. People want to dance. They want to party. Despite the danger it represents nowadays. SHIT cooked music for this scenario. Four Electro/Techno tracks to unleash all the energy retained over the past months. Four Electro/Techno tracks that must be played at high volume. Especially “AAAA”, the one we chose to premiere. The energetic bassline, devoted to wreaking havoc and triggering ecstasy, is addictive! What leads us to complain publicly about the length of the tune: 5.33 is too short, Mr Lattansio. “AAAA” should be at least 12 minutes.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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