113 // Carisma – Fracciones (Aristidez Remix)

Bomb track alert: Argentinian duo Carisma remixed by Peruvian artist Aristidez for their forthcoming release on Amplio Espectro!

Amplio Espectro is a Buenos Aires-based label curated by Carolina Stegmayer and Ismael Pinkler, whose entanglement of their names and personal/professional lives gave birth to the duo Carisma. They successfully amassed a true international dream team of collaborators for their forthcoming release: Cornelius Doctor (France), Andrea Paz (Chile), Bryan Kessler (Germany), Aristidez (Peru), Kodemul (Mexico) and Kamila Govorcin (Chile), each one of them taking us on a remix trip adding their hyper-personal touches to two Carisma’s tracks: “En tus Sueños” and “Fracciones”.

The track we chose to premiere brings Aristidez delivering a trippy and groovy interpretation of “Fracciones”. The Peruvian artist, who rocked the world with his 2018 release on the almighty Calypso Records, flirts this time with percussive breakbeats and melodic synth layers, providing a cosmic atmosphere, but with his traditional Latin sonority. The result: A curious concoction that enriches the release of the charismatic Argentinian duo.

Special credits to Ismael Pinkler for the mastering and Agustín Ceretti for the artwork.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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