130 // Gegen Mann – Elysium

The second premiere of our anniversary week brings Russian artist Gegen Mann delivering a dark & solid independent release.

Moscow-based DJ and producer Alexander Lomakin aka Gegen Mann (SXDNS220) decided to fly solo and release an independent EP exclusively on his Bandcamp. Four cutting-throat originals devoted to showcasing the production technique of the skilled Russian artist. If you are familiar with his previous releases on Nein, Maxima Culpa, and Emerald & Doreen, you know what to expect from him: Thick darkness paired with pulsating groove. A recipe that placed him amidst the most notable talents of the so-called Dark Disco/Indie Dance scene.

The title of the track we chose to premiere means “any place or state of ideal happiness”. Gegen Mann’s “Elysium” triggers such a feeling and delivers precisely what we need to cope with the status quo. The ferocious bassline and the gleaming rave-like synth layer, combined, bring to life a very pungent theme, a tune capable of taking us mentally to the Promised Land: Zion, Valhalla, Robert Johnson, Berghain… choose your happy place, press play, close your eyes, and have a safe journey!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the artist.

Follow Gegen Mann, peeps!

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