134 // Peter Raou – Tokyo Poly (Acid)

Mysterious Peter Raou debuts on the small but interesting label RJWMACHINES/Raoul. If you want to have this beauty on vinyl, hurry up: Only 30 copies will be pressed!

We have a mysterious artist for you today, peeps. Peter Raou, differently from many in the business out there who just seek the spotlight, is a hard man to find. His forthcoming EP, “SkagBoys House”, is only the second release of the Italian project RJWMACHINES and the first on vinyl after printing an EP on cassette tape. According to label boss, Alessio Corni, he met enigmatic Peter on San Donato Bridge: “He gave me some VHS demos produced years ago but never released. The borderline situation and the place where we met left me with the impression we were in a Welsh novel. And thus ‘SkagBoys’ was born”, described Alessio.

The track we were solicited to review, “Tokyo Poly (Acid)”, is a groovy classic House beauty. The acid bassline cannot get funkier and the percussive elements, combined, deliver an upbeat and optimistic message. A brand-new tune with an aura of the good old times when House Music used to be THE almighty thing! If the release possesses in its origins a plot that seems to have been taken from a novel, we can expect that when it reaches the big screen the soundtrack will be a highlight.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the project.

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