135 // Diaz Tech – Hiperestesia (Original Mix)

The next release of the Argentinian label Logia Records was hecho en Mexico with love by brother Diaz Tech.

The third release of the promising and rising Argentinian label Logia Records delivers “Hiperestesia”, Diaz Tech’s (SXDNS089) new EP. Featuring three pumping originals loaded with hard techno sounds and almost dramatic melodies, the release also brings four thumping remixes provided by MAN2.0 (SXDNS081), Tivi, Renuna (FREEDL028), and Playa Del Karma. Before arriving at Logia, the skilled Mexican artist had been trailing a prolific path: LW Recordings, Nuff Music, Emerald & Doreen, Veneno, Controlla, and Maleante – just to name a few – are some of the labels on which you can find his previous works.

However, let’s focus on his brand-new release, shall we? Hyperestesia can be defined as “a condition that involves an abnormal increase in sensitivity to stimuli of the senses”. Such stimuli can include “sound that one hears, foods that one tastes, textures that one feels”, and so forth. For us, the stimulus Diaz Tech’s “Hiperestesia” triggered was extremely positive. The rave mood, the empyreal pads, and the energetic synths prompted nothing but joy. Logia delivered a bomb release here, peeps! Time to add the label amongst your favourite ones.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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