142 // Samuel Lupian – Framed

BOMB track by Samuel Lupian taken from his forthcoming release on Bonkers.

With more than thirty releases in its catalogue, the always surprising Mexican label Bonkers is a true powerhouse when it comes to boosting the new generation of techno artists from all over the country. Appearing for the first time on the imprint, the young and skilled DJ and producer Samuel Lupian (SXDNS087), based in Oaxaca, the blessed and enchanted land of mezcal, brings all the energy and drive of his youth to “Framed, a four-track EP featuring two sprightly originals and two perky remixes provided by Ulises Arrieta (SXDNS193) and Ludviq, the label boss himself.

Throughout the release, the combination of trippy voices, dark synths, fast BPMs, and hypnotic percussions create an interesting listening and sensory experience. The title track we reviewed is no exception to the rule. “Framed”, besides being extremely well-crafted, depicts Samuel at the best of his creativeness. The young Mexican talent has definitely delivered his best work so far and one of the best tracks of the year – in our humble opinion. The boy is growing up, peeps, watch him out!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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