143 // Ruary – Disgro

We reviewed a track from the forthcoming release by Ruary on the solid Mexican label Richmerch.

Ruary has been DJing and producing for more than ten years, but he never released anything before. Most of his tracks were only sent to a few of his friends just to get some feedback, but, in his own words, he feels like he can’t finish anything (even when the tracks sound finished), and that’s the main reason why he hasn’t released anything before… until now. For the sake of the good “garage-made” underground music, our friends from Richmerch decided it was about time for Ruary to be heard by other ears other than his peers’.

Ruary’s debut EP, called “Indexed”, features four gripping originals and showcases the proper production skills of the Mexican hidden talent. The track we chose to premiere, “Disgro”, is an eerie and spooky low-BPM industrial/techno-ish theme. The bouncing bassline, the ghostly pad layer, and the Chemical Brothers’ “Believe”-like synth riff transport you into Ruary’s darker influences. Besides fear, horror, dread, and joy, “Disgro” prompts a huge curiosity to listen to the “unfinished” cuts he must have concealed in his backyard.

Interesting release here, peeps! Do not be afraid to check it out.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

Follow Richmerch, peeps!

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