151 // Gegen Mann – Vremya Vspyat

You'd better run, Gegen Mann's next release on OBERWAVE is extremely dangerous!

Russian powerhouse Gegen Mann is back! The prolific and talented Moscow-based artist simply cannot stop delivering high-quality material for the Dark Disco lovers out there. He finishes his (extremely) busy year with “Hunter”, a 7-track album to be released on the almighty Oberwave label. This time, he explores his new beat, EBM, and goa trance influences, and focuses on ultimate darkness and 100% body music groove. The entire release seems to be the OST of a violent cyberpunk horror movie, whose main character spends the nights preying in the shadows ready to chase heedless victims in order to satiate his/her basic desire to kill.

The track we were solicited to review, “Vremya Vspyat”, is one of the most intense of the album and depicts, in our imaginary movie, the very moment one of the hunted victims tries to escape, running frightfully and looking back over his/her shoulders while gasping, trying to spot the hunter, but sees only shadows and scary shapes moving relentlessly and mercilessly just as if waiting the right moment to put an end to another miserable life. Will the hunter succeed? Fortunately, yes.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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