150 // I-Robots – Frau (Marching Machines Remix)

Our 150th premiere is a stunning remix of the classic track "Frau" by I-ROBOTS made with love by Belgian duo Marching Machines.

I-Robots presents his 2020 “Frau” remix package, featuring 17 new versions divided into 2 parts. Each artist worked at the top of their games to make this an incredibly special record in which we see the original being taken freely in many interesting and different directions. Released in 2004, “Frau” to date is still one of I-Robots’ most popular works. Having as sources of inspiration the classic Charlie’s “Spacer Woman” and other pearls from the Italo golden era, it was immediately supported by IDJ Mag, Ivan Smagghe, 2Many DJs, Radio Slave, Sven Väth, Tiga, and Felix Da Housecat, just to name a few.

To review, we were given the innovative and acid remix made by Belgian duo Marching Machines. With a musical history that spans over 2 decades, their works can be found on important labels such as Wrong Era, Correspondant, Rotten City Files, and Nein Records.

About their process, they said they got creative, isolating and editing a lot of sounds. “Even though it seems like we gave the track a headfuck, most sounds do come from the original record in some way. We changed the lyrics a little, now they refer to our love for sci-fi movies”, they said.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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