155 // Diaz Tech – Las Voces De La Noche

The two-week break was fun, but it was about time to resume our activities! And we restart with the premiere of an incredible track from the forthcoming release of Diaz Tech on Veneno.

Our hermano Diaz Tech (SXDNS089) has just returned from his trip to Saturn, where he settled his brand-new studio in partnership with some local artists, and brought some heliocentric influences for his forthcoming release on the dangerous and lethal Mexican label Veneno. Featuring three powerful originals and three outstanding remixes – made with love by Velika (Mars), Chinosynth (Jupiter), and Favio Inker (Neptune) –, “Euxphoria EP” combines cosmic vibes with good ol’ Mexican Techno and the result is a delight!

We chose one of the originals to premiere: “Las Voces De La Noche” is definitely the theme that presents the most striking interplanetary influences. Ethereal pads, disco stabs, a laser-like percussion, a bouncing bassline… together, they bring to life a remarkable piece – one of the best works of Diaz Tech so far. This is only the first release of the year from the prolific and ingenious Mexican producer, and we are already looking forward to checking his future creations.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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