156 // REES – Amsterdamse Bos

Italo Moderni releases its second compilation on cassette and digital, and we have the privilege of premiering REES’ contribution... it's REMARKABLE!

A little more than one year has passed since the first release of the label ITALO MODERNI, however, the Spanish imprint has already achieved international recognition amidst the lovers of Italo Disco, Synthwave, and EBM out there. Curated by young, handsome (seriously, the dude looks like a top model), and acclaimed DJ and producer Adrian Marth (SXDNS188), the Barcelona-based label is second to none when it comes to releasing top-notch 80s-infused themes. The volume II of Its compilation series, “Modernation”, soon to be released on cassette and digital formats, amasses a true dream team of wizards, such as Kid Machine, Ali Renault, Daniel Monaco (SXDNS137), Luca Dell’Orso, Marcello Giordani, and REES, just to name a few, and delivers an impressive concoction of cosmic sounds.

We felt greatly honoured with the solicitation of premiering one of the tracks and got mega happy when discovered the track was by one of our favourite UK artists: REES’s contribution to the compilation, “Amsterdamse Bos”, is an actual showcase of his competent production skills. The frolicsome synth layer combined with the bouncing bassline provides an optimistic music message – exactly what we all may be in need at the moment.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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