157 // CHINOSYNTH – La Gran Ciudad (XLR Remix)

Logia Records starts the new year featuring CHINOSYNTH remixed by XLR.

Slowly, Logia Records has been carving its name among the “labels to watch” in the so-called Indie Dance/Dark Disco scene. Ricardo Ruben (SXDNS103), Lucare (SXDNS175), Aurum Miles, Disco Mortale, and Man2.0 (SXDNS081) are, just to name a few, some of the artists who have already appeared on the Argentinian imprint. After solid releases during the infamous 2020, Logia kicks off 2021 with a pretty strong EP: Chinosynth’s “La Gran Ciudad” is a superb Indie Dance track that smells like the 80s and received outstanding remixes provided with love by DELLA (who also did the mastering), Favio Inker, XLR, and Renuna (FREEDL028) in collaboration with Playa Del Karma.

The remix we chose to premiere comes from the mind of creative DJ and producer XLR. The Oaxaca-based artist, whose more prestigious works were previously released on Controlla, Emerald & Doreen, and Maleante, brought his trademark Dark Disco-influenced sonority to the party in order to provide a stunning and more aggressive interpretation of the original theme.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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