159 // Super Paolo – Mc Glory

Super Paolo delivered a stunning piece for his forthcoming release on Disco Milk Records.

On the road since 2018, the still young London-based label Disco Milk brings label boss Super Paolo, one half of the music duo Tutto Matto, for its first release in 2021. His previous works delivered truly exquisite themes such as “In Your Shadow”, “Cosmic Trip”, both on Disco Milk, and “Bella Topa”, on Leng Records, all featuring his strong influences of Disco, Soul, Funk, and Afro-Cosmic grooves with a modern and sharp approach. Joining Super Paolo on “MC Glory”, two legendary and supreme Italian masters: Baldelli & Dionigi. Their brilliant remix takes over the original’s vibe and gives to it their well-known and defined sonority.

We were solicited to review the original and, oh boy, what a track, fellas! The bouncing bassline, topped with strings riffs, saxophone gusts, guitar layers, bleepy synth stabs… The plethora of elements gathered gives the impression that we are listening to a jazz band making a jam session before (or after or during) a gig while sipping tumblers of a fine London Dry Gin on the rocks and smoking some Montecristos. A complex piece that showcases Super Paolo’s proper production skills for those who were still not familiar with his work.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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