160 // Kchi Homeless – La Boca Beach

Innovative Argentinian artist Kchi Homeless lands on Carisma's label, Amplio Espectro, with a beautiful three-original EP.

Based in the vibrating district of La Boca in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the worldwide famous La Bombonera stadium is located, DJ and producer Facundo Montoya aka Kchi Homeless is a guy who likes to dance – and to make other people dance too. We can be wrong, but that’s exactly the kind of artist you invite to release music if you want to have a nice label. On this eclectic three-tracked EP for Amplio Espectro, curated by the duo Carisma (CARolina Stegmayer & ISMAel Pinkler), Kchi makes us dance even with Ambient Music. And if you like putting names on things you can also dance the record under the categories Distorted Chill Out Vibes and Beatless Italo Techno.

The track we chose to premiere, “La Boca Beach”, is an 88-BPM beauty (or beast). Its piercing distortions accompanied by an arpeggiated synth layer and guitar-like riffs transported us to the middle of La Boca on a hot Summer night. No, there is no Boca Junior’s game, the streets of the colourful barrio are crowded but not packed (masks and social distance are not required in our fantasy journey – the painful reality has no shot here). Mr Montoya’s theme engulfs a Gardel’s in our daydream. A sip of Quilmes and the buzz of passers-by turn the stroll into an even more pleasant experience. This is also what music is supposed to make with us, right? Mission accomplished, Kchi!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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