166 // Bait E Borghi – Frastuono

Italian duo Bait e Borghi lands on Paradiso Records with a solid EP.

After appearing on last year’s Slow Motion’s acclaimed compilation “Italian Synth Planetarium – Sistema 3”, Bait e Borghi flex their native Italian muscles on British label Paradiso with their 4-track EP “Just Believe Me”, described as an affluent world of Psychedelic Italo, Slow Disco, and Cosmic House. “Claudio and Pepi are what music most needs today: The freedom to produce and create without schemes or limits, without labels or impositions. This is why we believe that the Bait e Borghi project is authentic and genuine, which is inevitably reflected in their music. An endless construction of progressive-psychedelic-house-techno-post-punk futuristic paths and roads”, REES, Paradiso Records owner, stated.

Being highly vouched by the boss is proof they are on the right path, isn’t it? Do you need another proof? We give you four: “Artattak”, “Ed È Subito Spazio”, “Frastuono”, and “Mvuvenippià”. The four originals of “Just Believe Me” are a true showcase of the lads’ capabilities and, together, represent a solid and piercing release. The track we chose to premiere, “Frastuono”, is a deep, emotive, and trippy synth-contaminated piece, the kind you must enjoy preferably with your eyes closed to lose yourself entirely to its psychedelia.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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