168 // Mishell & Lott – Harif (Original Mix)

Cool release on HEARec by Israeli but Berlin-based duo Mishell & Lott. Be advised: It's HOT!

The creative and innovative label HEARec brings Mishell (SXDNS228) and Lott for its forthcoming release: Two close friends from Israel, currently based in Berlin where they invest their time in music production, heavily inspired by their hometown and their younger years. Their distinctive and powerful style make these guys great representatives of a new musical proposal coming all the way from the Middle East. Following their song “Modulnation”, released on the fifth annual VA compilation of the label, Mishell & Lott deliver this time “Nights of Montanita”, a five-track EP divided into four insightful originals and one beautiful remix by Tushen Raï (SXDNS038), one of the masterminds behind Lyon’s massive label Hard Fist Records.

“Harif”, the track we were solicited to premiere, means “spicy” in Hebrew, and its main characteristic is the sharp and remarkable shamanic vibe – it is truly hot. It starts with jerky drums, melted with oriental-styled strings and the signature guitar-like riffs of Mishell & Lott. Distinctive Middle-Eastern chords, powerful kicks, and the Psytrance atmosphere are a winning recipe. The duo scores a sensorial trip once again; you’d better keep an eye on them – we will surely do!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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