169 // Strapontin – Dramatex 300

Super Strapontin lands on Invisible, Inc. with a terrific 5-track EP (including a solid remix by Sascha Funke).

Three years in the making only to be held up nearly another whole year due to COVID, this dark brooding monster of an EP by Brussels-based artist Strapontin, aka multi-disciplinary artist Patrick Belmont, is finally seeing the daylight on Invisible, Inc. Clocking in at over 35-minutes, the record is almost album-length and spans a multitude of depths and moods with elements of techno, new wave, rock ‘n’ roll, house, and tribal… all glued together with a sleazy atmosphere reminiscent of the electronic body music pioneered by Strapontin’s Belgian forefathers Front 242 and their German peers DAF. Add to this a heads-down-no-nonsense darkroom beast of a remix by techno maestro Sascha Funke and the package is complete.

About the track we were given to premiere, Strapontin himself said: “It started with a desire to move away a bit from my dancefloor side and go into more undefined fields, I wanted to work with blurry sensations that I can’t understand. I like mixed feelings, and ‘Dramatex 300’ is made of that ambivalent mood. The voice is saying ‘I’m feeling empty’ and ‘I’m feeling healthy’ at the same time. I like that paradox”.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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