171 // Alberto Melloni – Viercho’s Wood

British label Midnight People kicks off 2021 featuring Italian artist Alberto Melloni with remixes by Johannes Albert & REES.

The uprising London-based Midnight People is back! Curated by big honcho The Real Escobar, the British label finally releases the first EP of the year – and it hits hard. Italian musician, DJ, and producer Alberto Melloni (FREEDL026) debuts on Midnight with his “Dandelion”, a flowered piece consisting of two vibrant originals and two bright remixes made with love by virtuoso Johannes Albert and gifted REES.

Alberto Melloni has music at his core. Previously a guitarist and synth enthusiast as part of a touring band, now Alberto focuses on producing Italo-influenced and cosmic-infused themes directly from Northern Italy. “Viercho’s Wood”, the track we were solicited to review, is a peak-time selection with a sharp 80s touch and a strong Hi-NRG feel. Bleeby & Space Invader-like FXs and a Trance-inspired synth layer help set the mood. The intensity of this piece is something that we miss dancing to on a packed dance floor.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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