172 // Javier Busto – My Own Way (Parissior Remix)

Parissior remixing Javier Busto for Espacio CIELO. Something certainly unmissable, isn't it?

Owner of impeccable production skills, Javier Busto (SXDNS076, FREEDL009, and FREEDL022), a seasoned and renowned producer of the Madrid electronic music scene, lands again on acclaimed Spanish label Espacio Cielo with a solid track that masterfully brings together his Post-Punk, Techno, and Disco influences. “My Own Way” comes accompanied by powerful remixes made with love by Aurum Miles, GUYD (FREEDL011), and Parissior (SXDNS206). An exquisite single full of dark grooves and obscure influences that showcases the richness and the importance of the so-called Dark Disco/Indie Dance sonority.

Label boss Parissior is the mastermind behind the remix we opted to review. His interpretation brings a stark punchiness to an already strong release. He kept the intensity of the original and added some more clout to it. Easy job? To someone skilled and competent as Parissior (Aurum Miles and GUYD), yes, definitely. Javier’s works are not so simple to deal with, they are complex, well-crafted, and deep. Reinterpret them is a tough task, an assignment the virtuoso trio of remixers must have embraced as a challenge – and succeeded in delivering outstanding versions.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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