173 // Steady State – Shake Up Your Mind (Ed Mahon Remix)

Such a pleasure to premiere a track from this beautiful release: Steady State remixed by Ed Mahon (Cowbell Radio) on Paisley Dark Records. All the proceeds go to the Shelter UK, so you'd better support it!

This Album, a child of the Shelter Me Festival held in December 2020, is in aid of Shelter UK and the wonderful work they do helping people with homelessness or difficult housing conditions. The Festival took place for 3 days, across Manchester, London, and Leeds, and several of the artists who performed live at the event have contributed to this release. Among the 21 remixers: A Space Age Freak Out (SXDNS123), A-Tweed (SXDNS222), Bedford Falls Players, BTCOP, Clandestino, Dan Wainwright, Ed Mahon (SXDNS068), Jack Butters (SXDNS232), Man2.0 (SXDNS081), Martin Eve (SXDNS164), and Mr BC, just to name a few.

Steady State’s “Shake Up Your Mind”, the track used for the project, contains a vocal sample of Ofra Haza from her song “Im Nin Alu”. All remixes were created with the greatest love and respect, with one common goal: Helping others less fortunate than ourselves through music, unity, and a genuine will to make a positive change. Each and every one of the artists, producers, and mastering services have generously given their time freely to create a unique album of 21 remixes, spanning a colourful musical spectrum from dense dark dub-ness through timeless Techno and uplifting Acid to squelchy squalid chuggers. Something that cannot go unmentioned is that all the proceeds go to the Shelter UK.

The high quality of the remixes toughened the mission of choosing only one of the pieces to premiere. We succeeded, though, after some deliberation: Our homie Ed Mahon competently used his dark-but-groovy influences to deliver a punchy version of “Shake Up Your Mind”. It is as if he transformed the title into layers of elements to make people really pay attention through his version to the big issues raised by the project.

“All of us at Shelter Me would like to thank everyone who has helped, supported, and contributed along the way. Big love!”, stated the masterminds behind such a beautiful project: Ed Tomlinson, Ells Bells, John Paynter, Julie-Ann Smith & Stephen Molyneux.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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