179 // Javier Busto – Into The Darkness (Fat&Bald Remix)

Solid remix by Fat&Bald to Javier Busto's forthcoming release on the mighty French label ESTHÉTIQUE.

Javier Busto is a veteran, charismatic, and beloved-by-all Madrid-based DJ and producer whose trademark sonority is characterized by a seamless concoction of the many influences he has amassed since the beginning of his music career in 1988. He has been having a busy year with three releases so far on Espacio Cielo, Emerald & Doreen, and now ESTHÉTIQUE.

His “Into The Darkness” brings beefy remixes by Australian Stockholm Syndrome, Spanish Ivan De La Rouch, and Turkish Fat&Bald. The different interpretations, combined, deliver a powerful and vital release for the fans out there of the so-called Dark Disco/Indie Dance scene.

The remix we were given to review/premiere was cooked with love by Ankara-based artist Ortac Genc, the mastermind behind the project Fat&Bald. His interpretation took the original into a more cosmic electro territory infused with some Rock and EBM elements. The outcome showcases, one more time, the affluence of production skills and resources Ortac pours into his works and is definitely a must-have.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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