181 // Camilo Sanjuán – Lola (Original Mix)

Camilo Sanjuán is back to Mélopée Records with a dark& groove EP.

Mélopée Records has been having a busy 2021 as far as we can see. After featuring Italoconnection (SXDNS106) and Beyond the Struttosphere on its, respectively, first and second releases of the year, the French imprint now brings a dark and arrogant EP by Camilo Sanjuán for its third installment. In the three-track EP – divided into two resourceful originals and one prodigious remix by Brandski –, Camilo, considered one of the pillars of the label, used some of his influences, shards of Progressive Techno and EBM, for instance, and delivered some intimate and haunting weirdness in form of Dark Disco/Indie Dance gems.

We chose the title track to premiere, and we (tried but) failed to review it without saying its most striking feature is definitely its quirkiness. Camilo spared no efforts to provide a complex entanglement of elements and sonorities, and the result is an interesting theme, presenting a twist at every turn of its complicated plot.

The story told in “Lola” is full of gloominess and despair. From its very beginning, the narrative depicts signs of the intricacy ahead. The longer you get into it, the more laboured it gets. Despite all the difficulties to discern it, you cannot get enough of Camilo’s music tale. His creativity gave birth to an extremely insightful track. Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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