183 // Barko – Ellipsis (Ivan De La Rouch Remix)

What a great remix by Ivan De La Rouch for Barko's forthcoming release on Espacio CIELO.

Although it was founded just over a year ago, the Spanish Dark Disco factory Espacio Cielo has already become one of the most prolific and important labels of the genre. Featuring Barko for its 26th release, the 4th of the year, Parissior, el curador, has been competently and steadily increasing the status of his platform by delivering essential EPs and compilations.

The man of the hour, Barko, is a producer from Durango (Bizkaia) who began to develop his interest in making electronic music in 2015. Self-taught and armed only with the baggage of being a compulsive music consumer, he released his first works in 2017. Influenced by the early days of electronic music, there are many styles involved in his sonority. He put together a few of them in “Ellipsis”, his debut EP on Spacio Cielo: Three well-crafted originals and one fat remix made with love by Ivan De La Rouch (FREEDL022/032).

Despite the high quality of the originals, Ivan’s version grabbed our attention to be reviewed because he managed to keep the energy of “Ellipsis” even dropping the BPM down from 120 to 111. A bold move whose outcome will surely please the lovers of low & dark chugs out there. The addition of a sinister layer of phantasmagorical vocals in the background provided a special touch to Ivan’s interpretation.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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