189 // Ivan Fabra – Backwards (Tech Support Remix)

Ivan Fabra makes his debut on Paradiso Records with a monstruous release! Tech Support and Alberto Melloni provided the remixes.

Paradiso Records releases the Kraken for its 36th EP. Puns aside, Ivan Fabra (SXDNS107) makes his debut on the respected British label with “Kraken Disco”, a high-quality cosmic & mythological release with three cutting-throat originals and two mighty remixes delivered by Tech Support and Alberto Melloni (FREEDL026).

Ivan has been keeping himself busy in 2021 with a string of collaborations/contributions to labels such as Emerald & Doreen, Boite Music, among others. And now, in his first EP of the year, the versatile Spanish producer takes the opportunity to embody a more “Ivan Fabra” signature sonority. The remixers understood the essence of “Kraken Disco” and provided interpretations that, yes, depict their own identity, but don’t break the story told by the originals.

Tech Support, for instance, despite having pitched “Backwards” down (from 124 to 115 BPM), kept the retro-futuristic mood and added more affection, trippiness, in his version, but without losing the excitement and clout from Ivan’s theme. Proper production skills here, peeps!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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