190 // Tronik Youth – U R A SLAVE (Black Light Smoke Remix)

Tronik Youth is back to his own Nein Records with a mighty single remixed by Mundo D and Black Light Smoke.

It must be good to be the owner of a record label. Even better if this label is a respected one, like Nein. Whenever you feel bored, you just need to release some new stuff, invite a couple of friends to provide some cool remixes, send a message to a fellow dinosaur soliciting a premiere, and that’s it, you got yourself a new EP! The lack of need of sending out demos is the closest someone must get from Paradise.

Yes, we are talking about Neil Parnell aka Tronik Youth (SXDNS050): He returns with a powerful new single on his own label. “U R A Slave”, with its Sunday-Bloody-Sunday-like militaristic drum rolls pounding into the chorus, delivers a mighty heaviness – kind of aggressiveness – to the dance floor (the piece of heaven on Earth that we all have been craving to go back to).

Black Light Smoke and Mundo D take over the remix duties, and we were requested to review the former’s contribution. The North American producer brought to the original an electro/darkwave 80s vibe, removing the soldierly attitude and bestowing a sleazier and breezier aura. The label boss must have loved it – so do we!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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