192 // Javier Busto – Mood Swing (Uj Pa Gaz)

Javier Busto's forthcoming release on Evil Plans records is GRANDE! Solid remixes by Azaria, Rude Audio, and Uj Pa Gaz.

Slowly and loudly, Jamie Tolley & The Gang’s world domination Evil Plans start to take shape. The next step of their diabolical scheme is taking over Spain using their infiltrated agent in Madrid, Javier Busto (FREEDL009/022). Despite the previous warning (Javier has already contributed to the sordid plot by delivering a stunning remix to BTCOP’s “Lexeme / I so Late” EP), the local authorities simply do not have the resources to prevent the advance of JB and his squad: Spanish Azaria, British Rude Audio, and Albanian Uj Pa Gaz (SXDNS113) joined this phase of the conspiracy – called “Mood Swing” – with impossible versions.

Jokes aside, our dear friend Javier Busto did it again, peeps! He simply does not get tired of delivering high-quality stuff. The remix we selected to premiere/review is also august. Uj Pa Gaz, to begin with, decided to pitch the original up… considerably: From 112 to 121. He must have thought, “what a great tune, but I really want to sweat my ass off dancing to it”. Mission accomplished, we would say. He swung the mood of Javi’s piece and delivered a hellish interpretation, devoted to bringing chaos to the dance floor (when we are authorized to go back, of course). Uj’s signature sonority is there: Shards of Trance, Techno, and Disco, seamlessly combined, providing an even richer theme inasmuch as lots of the original was preserved. Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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