194 // Renato Cohen – Funkydoom (Gustavo Fk Remix)

Today's premiere brings Renato Cohen remixed by Gustavo Fk on TRAxX:Lab.

Young and promising Brazilian label TRAxX:Lab lands for the first time on our platform with a superb release from one of the most acclaimed producers of his generation: São Paulo-based Renato Cohen, who stood out back in the days with epic tracks such as “Pontapé” and “Suddenly Funk” (if you are not familiar with them, do yourself a favour and check them out), delivers now two powerful pieces with his signature sonority that pretty much represents the style of music the label intends to showcase.

“Fall Down” EP provides the kind of House Music & Techno bangers that would make any packed dance floor (we miss this!) explode and go crazy. On the remix duty, Gustavo Fk, whose collaboration we had the privilege of premiering/reviewing.

Remixing a tune by Renato Cohen must not be an easy task, but Gustavo Fk succeeded terrifically and delivered an extremely well-crafted interpretation. We dare to say it’s more piercing and affluent than the original, but only because Gustavo competently added elements and influences that paired perfectly with it. The even more bouncy bassline and the frenzied synth risers made us add this beast to the tracks-we-need-to-play-at-a-party-whenever-we-have-the-opportunity list. Play it at a peak time, peeps! Do not be afraid of wreaking havoc!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Traxsource page of the label.

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