196 // Javier Martinez & Undefined Pattern – Delta Junction (Cornelius Doctor Remix)

Amazing release by Javier Martinez & Undefined Pattern on Karakter Records with remixes by Motel77 & Cornelius Doctor.

Lisbon-based label Karakter is back for its 18th release, the 3rd of the year, and this time featuring a mighty collaboration between two rising Mexican artists: Javier Martínez (SXDNS104) and Fernando Velázquez, mostly known as Undefined Pattern (SXDNS197). “Lane Reduction” was born when the two young producers decided to create their own vision of what a dance peak night track should be. Inspired by long road trips, they delivered two cosmic, dark anthems for the dance floor (one day, we shall return!), both filled with rugged basslines, cosmic synths, and dystopian percussions. The outstanding remix duty was provided with love by none other than Cornelius Doctor and Motel 77 (SXDNS094).

One of the masterminds behind the vital French label HARD FIST, Cornelius Doctor needs no further introduction. Owner of a very peculiar sonority, he spared no efforts to deliver an insightful interpretation of “Delta Junction”. As usual, Cornelius brought some weirdness and inventiveness to the party, adding throbbing vocal layers and intense percussive elements that entirely changed the mood of the solid original. Sometimes that’s the job of the remixer, isn’t it?

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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