201 // Ludviq – Disease (Random Atlas Remix)

Bomb remix by Random Atlas for Ludviq's forthcoming release on Quixotical Records.

Not so long ago, Argentinean Poulper (SXDNS146) and Lithuanian Aurum Miles joined forces to launch the promising label Quixotical Records, an upsurging platform driven by Disco and Techno influences infused with EBM flashes and Electro pieces.

For the forthcoming release of the already respected imprint, they bring you Ludviq, the head of Mexico-based label Bonkers. His “Disease” EP delivers two well-constructed originals and four alluring remixes made with love by Random Atlas (SXDNS155), MAN2.0 (SXDNS081), Chinosynth, and Poulper himself.

The track we were solicited to review/premiere was cooked by beloved-by-all duo Random Atlas. The Chileans based in Berlin took “Disease” to their lab and, using a fine-tuned combination of dark science and black magic, delivered a biting and pungent version. These guys never disappoint, either with their absurd originals or hot collaborations, their output is second to none. Here, for instance, they brought the solid original a more aggressive and menacing mood, filling it with eerie synth FXs and a more robust bassline. Kudos!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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