204 // Disco Morato – Stringhe Di Saturno

Disco Morato is back to his own Maxima Culpa Records with a "mamma mia!" release.

The track “Stringhe Di Saturno”, taken from “Decisioni del 1961”, Disco Morato’s forthcoming installment on Maxima Culpa, will make you think our today’s premiere is about an Italian release. The thing is: It is not. Disco Morato (SXDNS147) is a Russian artist and Maxima Culpa is his own label, hence, a Russian imprint. His partner in crime, Gegen Mann (SXDNS220/ FREEDL031), is also Russian. That said, now you know why extreme and absolute darkness prevails in the entire 4-Italian-named-track EP.

Those familiar with Disco Morato’s career are already used to his sinister-as-hell Italo-themed pieces. Those who are listening to his work for the first time must have been tricked by the title of the track and were probably expecting some colourful and upbeat Italo Disco gem.

Mr. Morato’s sonority is not easy, fellas, it’s intricate, noisy, full of distortions, and devoted to casting blackness and obscurity into our hearts and minds. “Stringhe Di Saturno”, an Electro/EBM-infused masterpiece, is the perfect example to depict in a nutshell what he intends to deliver/trigger with his productions.

If this is the kind of music that you are looking for, this is your guy!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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