206 // Dan Wainwright – The Answer Is Within (A Space Age Freakout Remix)

Dan Wainwright's forthcoming release on Paisley Dark brings solid remixes by A Space Age Freak Out, Martin Eve, and Bedford Falls Players.

British label Paisley Dark is back, peeps! For its third installment, they present interesting Liverpool-based artist Dan Wainwright: “When Dan came to us at Paisley with the idea of releasing an electronic, psychedelic rock EP with “beats”, we were absolutely delighted to collaborate with him as this is exactly the sound the label was set up to represent and share with the world”, said John Painter (SXDNS123), curator of the platform.

And Dan didn’t disappoint: Twangy guitars, tremolo, heavenly vocals, and a healthy dash of reverb for good measure pretty much ensure what we have here is a modern-day psychedelic classic. Solid remixes delivered with love by John himself as A Space Age Freak Out, Martin Eve (SXDNS164), and Bedford Falls Players.

Premiered here, the A Space Age Freak Out remix dives headfirst into Spacemen 3 territory, kidnapping Ravi Shankar along the way and hypnotising us with the aid of premium grade psychedelics whilst shifting through the gears to reach the heady heights of 120.99 bpm.

Not available for purchase anymore! :~)

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