207 // Geo Taguchi – Coconut Mall (Gimbrère Remix)

British collective Groove Co. releases its first EP featuring Japanese producer Geo Taguchi with solid remixes by Tech Support and Gimbrère.

Following two successful years of parties, apparel releases, and free downloads, British collective Groove Co delivers its first full EP: Tokyo-born London-based producer Geo Taguchi’s “Coconut Mall” EP features two solid originals accompanied by two insightful remixes made with love by well-established producers Tech Support and Gimbrère.

Geo Taguchi brings his past visions of the future into his first EP, echoing the synth-euphoria of the 80s Italo Disco with their interplanetary and space-inspired earworms. A classically trained guitarist and pianist, Geo’s formative years were spent listening to the classic pop and disco loved by his mother. The absorption of those rhythmic, percussive, and poppy elements, combined with his underground e-music influences, resulted in beautiful synth-laden and robotic dance tracks housed in pop structures.

“Coconut Mall”, the original, contrasts a tough, chugging verse section with a joyful (and borderline cheesy) chorus. The track is chiefly inspired by sci-fi and video game culture and that playfulness is evident throughout. Premiered here, the remix provided by Rotterdam based producer Gimbrère. “When I heard Geo’s track, I immediately enjoyed the arpy bassline and big synths. It felt right to take an adventurous and darker path based on those elements. Anyways, the creative process always turns out differently than expected. So here we are with some euphoric electro big room dance goodness”, said Gimbrère.

This EP signals the start of a new chapter for Groove Co. Yea, they will continue to bring parties to Bristol, London, and Exeter but will also aim to further cement its name in the music industry with releases spanning multiple genres. We are looking forward to checking their future endeavours.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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