214 // Kid From Amazon – Escadarias

Today's premiere was cooked with love (and tucupi) in Belém do Pará: KID FROM AMAZON lands on Curuba Records with a mind-blowing album!

Belém do Pará, located in the Northern region of Brazil, is famous for its outstanding cuisine (the metropolis has been part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the category of gastronomy since 2015) and its eerie tales. It’s from this rich landscape that comes the interesting artist Rafael Lima, aka Kid From Amazon.

Having expressed himself in the paraense nightlife since 2014 through DJ sets, personal productions, and original scores for runways and short movies, Rafael now reaches Europe with his forthcoming release on the Paris-based label Curuba.

“‘Vale das Águas-Vivas’ is the sonic materialisation of five peculiar dreams, illustrated each by one of the five tracks. It’s an attempt to channel the sounds, textures and feelings conveyed by these subconscious manifestations. Each of the different spaces depicted by the tracks, be it calm or wavy, shares a common touristic spot, “Valley of the Jellyfish”, and the view there is beautiful”, said Rafael. On the B-side of the limited cassette, solid remixes by Alon.e, Le Frit, H2O, Guillerrrmo, Obeka, and Ditti.

Premiered here, the quirky and exotic “Escadarias”: The complexity of this theme showcases the creativity and artistry of Rafael and helps you to immerse into his dreamy valley. Eccentric and mysterious percussive elements and sonorities are skillfully combined with harmonic and, to a certain extent, melancholic melodies. A beautiful piece that brought us a strong feeling of homesickness. Maybe it is about time to pay a visit to our dear and missed Mango Tree City.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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